BigDEAL Panel: Career After Studying Energy Analytics - Shared screen with speaker view
Tao Hong
To everyone, please type your questions here in the chat box. I'll moderate the questions.
Pavanchandra Mandava
Is there a way for working professionals to be a part of the BIG DEAL team to work with Dr. Hong on energy analytics? Is there an option to be enrolled to your classes online?
Camilo Romero
Almost same question as previous one. Is there a way to access to all video lectures somewhere? :)
pierre dorile
Rain, what you exactly do as load forecasting specialist at National Grid?
Sujal Bhavsar
1) Master in Mechanical Eng.--> Data Scientist in Energy sector2) PhD in Mechanical Eng.--> Data Scientist in Energy sector(Thesis topic in both cases are related to the field)Which path would be appropriate in the current job market to be at the forefront in this field in the long run?
Alireza Fereidunian
Thank you Dr Hong and panelists for this great even.It's 2 am here and I most leave because of tomorrow early tasks.Kind regards,Alireza
Marvin Lomo
How does an African Grad student get into the PhD in Energy Analytics program?
Samantha Fehl
Can anyone recommend any resources that may be useful? Anything relevant that you found helpful, informative, or interesting related to energy analytics. (I.e. books or presentations)
Burak Burucu
How do you deal with Expectation management? With your level of education and background, do your superiors expect some Magic from you and how do you in general manage expectations? Especially if your peers are not knowledgeable about the novel tools and methods you have learned.
Aniket Thopte
Any advise for Entry-Level Graduates who want to work as a Demand Forecaster in Supply Chain Setting?
pierre dorile
Do you work on demand side management DR Hong?
Akshay Rajendrakumar Patil
Thank you for organizing this meeting.
Samantha Fehl
Thank you all.
Aniket Thopte
Thank you!